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Backyard Lacrosse



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Backyard Lacrosse is basketball with sticks


BYL has been approved by the following:

David Huntley: Head Coach Atlanta Blaze   Click for bio

Matt Kerwick: Head Coach Cornell University   Click for bio

Brandon Childs: Head Coach York College   Click for bio

Dave Metzbower: Asst Head Coach University of North Carolina   Click for bio

Brian Volker: Head Coach Drexel University   Click for bio

Paul Carcaterra: EPSN Lacrosse Analyst   Click for bio



Set Up

Number of Field Players: 5 includes goalie

Equipment: Full Pads

Field Equipment: 6x6 Goals, Hector the Rejector, or 4X4 goal & Soft Ball

Short Sticks Only



- Game Time: 25 minute halves

- No time outs

- All substitutions are on the fly

- Faceoff to start the game and half

- Goalie clears circle the goal after a goal

- Two passes after goalie pass

- All penalties result in a turnover or 1 to 3 minutes in the box. A player causing a personal foul must leave the field immediately while play resumes. Penalties are released after a goal or the penalized team crosses the midfield line.



Rules: (All lacrosse rules apply)

- Checking is allowed on the stick only. No checking on gloves. No poke checks but lifts are allowed on gloves.

- Holds and pushes from the front are allowed. Arms cannot extend out on pushes. Push with legs.

- No body checking, boarding will be a 3 minute penalty unreleasable.

- No crank shots

- No meat head dodges (charges). Player will be called for a charge.

- No standing still on offense, players standing still more then 2 seconds will result in a turnover.

- Cherry Pickin Rule, any player not getting back on defense to cover a man results in a 1 minute penalty.




- Stick Skills

- Pick Play

- Play Ball Mentality 

- Defensive Position, stay in front (feet) defense with a focus on hand disruption. Rely on your body not the stick on defense

- Conditioning

- Accurate Shooting, shoot for pipes or high to low.

- Offensive Movement. Move without the ball (get open)



Backyard Lacrosse..Why?



Why are we using a soft ball? A light ball improves stick skills, creates soft hands, and promotes overhand shots & passes. Goalies & defense can focus on technique without getting injured. Decreases game injury.


Why can't I use my long pole? A defensive player can greatly improve their stick skills by using a short pole. Plus using a short stick on defense forces you to use your feet.

Why is Hector in the goal? Forces players to become better shooters, overhand high to low or side pipes. Hector also creates rebound opportunities.
Why can't we check the hands? Defensively BYL is designed to make players focus on feet first, getting and maintaining a "stay in front angle" to disrupt the offensive players passing and shooting ability. Throwing a lot of checks makes you slower and gets you out of position. Not being able to throw checks also forces players to play better angles on defense. 
Why do I have to leave the field immediately after a personal foul? It creates an immediate man down situation and does not stop play.
Why do we have to make 2 passes past the midfield line before shooting? To take away cherry picking plays. Promotes ball movement.
This type of defense is not what I'm being taught, my coaches are teaching me to check the gloves. Some of the rules of BYL do not translate to the real game. BYL is designed to make you think a different way on the field, as well as, improve your stick skills by using a lighter ball. More importantly BYL lowers the chance of getting injured before the season.