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Highlight Video Evaluation Service

Have your highlight video (High School Boys Only) evaluated by the best lacrosse coaches in the country for only $150. Here's how it works: Email a link of your video to bsharretts@gmail.com and within 7 days you will receive an honest opinion of your sons lacrosse & athletic ability based on the video. (sample evaluation below)                                                                                 Click here to register and pay.

Video Footage Requirements: Graduation year and highlight year must be available. Hi Res video quality with a close camera distance. Player must be highlighted on every play. Show player running, dodging, defending, clearing, shooting, riding, ground ball play, and stick skills at speed. Show his reaction and response after a bad play.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Sample Evaluation

There will be three parts to this evaluation. The first part will be the video. Second part will be the player evaluation from the video and the third part will be the overall athletic observation.


The video does an excellent job of highlighting the unsettled and play from the right wing. The lighted semi circle is an excellent tool that helps focus the attention on the player that you are supposed to be watching. The one clip of Luke playing the point on the break is a good one as it has him moving to the ball, going thru his options and making an excellent look. A lot of the other clips have his stick up and ready to catch and shoot quickly as he attempts to get his feet set. The off ball clips show that he knows how to move to space, get in the dodgers vision and to sit down in the gaps between the defense. All are very good. 


Luke seems to have good vision and an understanding of the game. He is good in unsettled and plays well in uneven situations and knows where the open man is. He moves smart off ball and does a good job of getting in the dodgers vision along with putting himself in the open spaces of the defense. I like how his stick is up in the ready position and can get rid of the ball quickly. On certain catches he steps to the target when shooting in very good form. The one catch that he had to move to the ball to shoot however he didn’t round his feet to the target enough so the velocity of the shot was not as good as it could have been .We do a drill with attackman run up from the goal line to a cone anticipate the catch and have to change his body weight from the catch to the shooting target. That power step or giddy up step is something we work on every day. His feet and body weren’t in sync on the catch and shot to the middle of the field also. For a guy that unsettled and off ball play are being shown, that is a big area of improvement that needs to be worked on. I can’t make an evaluation on left handed dodging or even shooting because they were not available to watch except one left handed catch on the crease. Good frame, smart player who will improve playing with better competition and players that still has some improving thru skill and technique work in order to be the best he can be.


Good hands, good frame and a good mind for the game. My first impression is needs some strengthening in the core. Legs look like they need to be addressed to be stronger, quicker and more athletic. Cleans and squats will help quickness and power. The clips lack both of these attributes. Being good size with good hands ,mind and smarts the level Luke should play at will be determined with how far and hard he wants to work in the weight room. He looks like a late developer so the time for the weight room is now. I would add  movement, change of direction drills to really enhance his athletic development .Dodging technique will also expand the looks he will get as there are numbers of dodges as a big kid that don’t take outstanding quickness.

Video Samples click here