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Youth Sports Performance- topics discussed in Dr. Chavis' Youth Sport Nutrition Lecture    
  • Nutrition- Eat Like A Pro, Fuel Like A Champion

Nutrition bridges the gap between energy and performance.  It is vital to fuel your brain which is the motor which drives every function in your body.

Sports Nutrition Principles

  • Calories=Fuel
  • Carbohydrates= fuel for the brain and muscles
    • complex carbs are best ie: whole grains
    • defficiency creates fatigue
    • should have 3g of fiber per serving
    • veggies- 2.5 cups per day eat a variety of color


  • Protein= repair and recover
    • If you do not get enough your body will break down
    • athletes have higher requirements
    • .6-.9g per pound of body weight
      • 120lb athlete needs 72-108g protein per day
    • should come from a variety of foods
    • lean sources chicken fish, yogurt
    • should have protein with every meal


  • Fats=calorie dense fuel source
    • omega 3 are best
    • saturated/trans fats are bad fats
    • fat free diets are very bad for you
    • fat stores vitamins ADEK
    • essential nutrient
    •  olive oil, nuts


  •  Hydration
    • should have a hydration schedule
    • should be done throughout the day not just during activity
    • by the time you are thirsty your already dehydrating
    • watch urine color-dark straw color is sign of dehydration
    • ideal solution is water or 6-8% carbohydrate solution containing vital elctrolyte replacement (Gatorade)
    • should not drink Gatorade unless you are active
    • stay away from sugary and soft drinks
    • energy drinks are not a good source of energy and are dangerous for children to comsume


  • Nutrient Timing- What and When
    • Pre competition varies do not experiment on game day
    • should have good meal 3-4 hours prior to game high in complex carbs
    • small snack within 1 hour of game sports drink energy bar
    • stabilizes blood sugar


  • Recovery

    • within 15-30 miutes post comp
    • 3-4g carb/1g protein is ideal ratio
    • low fat chocolate milk has been shown to be one of the best recovery drinks out there.  Can use other flavors.
    • Wheaties was compared to sports drink for recovery and was much better
    • Meal should be high in good qulaity carbs and protein very important