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Parents Must Read
As a parent you need to realize that you can hurt your child’s chances of making a team. No coach at any level wants to deal with a “crazy parent” that doesn’t “get it”. Relax, calm down, to my knowledge there is no cash prize at the end of a youth game. High school and college coaches don’t care how many games your travel or club team has won. At the highest level coaches look for size, speed, athletic ability, lacrosse fundamentals, willingness to compete, grades, work ethic, leadership qualities, and class and character. Parents must teach the student athlete to be well rounded on and off the field. Also don't forget to let them be kids.

Lacrosse Networking

Parents need to lead by example and teach their children to respect every person, team, town, school, and college they compete against. In the sport of lacrosse there is a tremendous opportunity to network. Don’t limit that networking opportunity to just your team.

Parents: “Get the Red Out” Which one are you?

Positive, active, supporting, participate
Rumor spreading, negative, jealous associate
Team supporter
It’s all about my child, point counter, Criticizes other players 
Supports the challenge yourself, work hard, get better mentality
Excuse maker, that focuses on winning
Quiet, never says a word “lone wolf”
Sideline coacher and screamer
Sit back and let it happen mentality
Annoying “I have a suggestion” parent
Up front face to face communicator
Polite in person, but a “tough guy” emailer
Communicates when communicated too
Annoying butt kisser

A fan with class and character
It's all about me, classless tailgater