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LaxSkills Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate parents and athletes on why we play lacrosse. Every lacrosse player needs to realize that the ultimate goal is to graduate from college and move on to the next phase of their life. The young student athlete needs the atmosphere to succeed until they are mature enough to work hard on their own. Youth sports is not entertainment for adults. As parents, teachers, coaches and trainers we need to be positive, patient, productive and have fun while focusing on fundamentals. A student athlete with strong fundamentals will accomplish more once they "turn on". Student athletes need to realize that parents, coaches, teachers, high schools, and club teams can only help you get to the next level. We must teach young athletes that grades, strong work ethics, a healthy life style, class and character are instrumental in lacrosse and life. LaxSkills is also dedicated to teaching athletes how to take advantage of the networking opportunity lacrosse provides.                                                                  

Laxskills is dedicated to developing fundamental lacrosse skills for all ages at every position.                                                                                                                        

If you have any question please email bsharretts@gmail.com for details on our next session.                                                            


The Attack on Youth Sports.


Time, Technology and the importance of Winning at a young age is killing youth sports. Youth sports has gone from "playing" to now "training". A middle school mind is not ready for high school training and most high school minds are not ready for college training. Kids are having a better time playing with technology. Technology is easier and they have more FUN. Kids are now even idolizing the Silicone Valley crew more then athletes. Being a multi sport athlete is hard and takes time. The youth sports system is focusing on the least important aspect of the game "Winning", not skill development and life lessons. Why, because adults are either reliving their glory days or lack of glory days, through kids and/or an adult is trying to make a living from youth sports. The multi sport athlete is in a competitive situation all year, that's why paid coaches want them. Paid coaches want athletic (born with), competitive players (multi sport athlete), with a strong work ethic, skill set and love of the game. (If a high school player has a strong skill set then chances are they are a hard worker and they love the sport). You are born an athlete, and you have to work hard to be a great player. If you're with a high school or club program that is forcing you drop other sports, then find another program. Most sports require a high level of skill, if your child really loves a specific sport find a program that offers a non conflicting opportunity to improve their skills year around without burnout. Never forget that what paid coaches and "fan parents" want might not be what's best for your child later in life. We have to teach our kids that coaches are paid to win and our kids are just a part of that goal. Teach your kid what they are getting from the experience which is an education, work ethic, a positive confident attitude, and leadership skills, which will really help them after college. Use sports before it uses you.