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Bel Air, MD
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About LaxSkills
LaxSkills is dedicated to providing positive training and information on how to become a well rounded lacrosse player and parent.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate athletes and parents on why we play lacrosse. Every youth lacrosse player needs to realize that the ultimate goal is to graduate from college and move on to the next phase of their life. Parents, coaches, teachers, club teams and high schools can only help an athlete get to the next level. To succeed in anything it’s up to the individual. We must provide the young student athlete the atmosphere to succeed until they are mature enough to work on their own. As parents, teachers, coaches and trainers we need to be positive, patient, productive and have fun while focusing on fundamentals. A student athlete with strong fundamentals will accomplish more once they “turn on”. LaxSkills is also dedicated to teaching athletes how to take advantage of the networking opportunity lacrosse provides. We must teach young athletes that grades, strong work ethics, a healthy life style, character and class are instrumental in lacrosse and life.

LaxSkills Training

Our goal is to teach and improve your childs lacrosse skills with a positive, productive and fun atmosphere. The LaxSkills sessions offer you a unique combination of maximum repetition with high instruction. Our staff provide a “New School Old School” approach by combining a modern knowledge of the game with over 35 years of lacrosse experience and teaching.


Parents can’t buy a student athlete a game, to become a great lacrosse player you must practice on your own. Shoot for a goal of 1000 throws and catches left and right per week. LaxSkills “beginner” is designed to teach and improve your childs basic fundamental lacrosse skills. LaxSkills “advanced” is designed to teach your child how to attack and protect the goal with game situation drills.

Mandatory Requirements

Full pads are required (helmet, goggles, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves)You must master your skills wearing all the restrictive gear.