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Networking Information

As a student athlete you need to respect every player, team, town, school, and college you compete against. In the sport of lacrosse there is a tremendous opportunity to network. Don’t limit that networking opportunity to just your team.

Key Networking Tips for College and High School Athletes

- Get to know alumni.
- Find role models or ask someone you respect to be a mentor of yours.
- Conduct career strategy sessions with a mentor or contact.
- Don’t hesitate to enlist the assistance of relatives, friends and teammates.
- “Shadow” someone on their job.
- Be an intern.
- Get in the habit of writing personal thank-you notes.
- Talk with Alumni and teammates to find out who they know and how they can help.
- Get involved in campus and professional organizations.
- Attend professional conferences related to your career goals.
- Be a leader in a campus organization and be a leader on your team.
- Make classes count: Use class projects as a reason to talk to people in the business world.
- Be organized to keep track of new contacts and always send a “Hand written” thank you note to anyone that has helped you with your job search.
- Connect upward with faculty and staff.
- Use your campus career center or guidance office.
- Help out in your community.
- Go on fact-finding missions to get information about the career fields you’re considering and to establish relationships.
- Use the Internet to find information and network with people.
- Have a resume whether you think you need it or not.
- Take advantage of public speaking opportunities.
- Learn and practice good time management habits.

- Start a portfolio that provides evidence of your skills.

Networking tips provided by Tim Barger